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As an expatriate spouse I have lived in different parts of the world for almost two decades now, and experienced the colors and vibrance of many different cultures. But my heart and my soul belong to my land of birth, India. Having grown up in a nurturing environment in a traditional Old Delhi family, I have learnt to see the invisible and often intangible worth of our traditional thought processes, ideas and concepts. As a child I was trained into the classical art form of Odissi for more than 15 years; I have dedicated the past 12 years to learning and immersing myself in the ancient and classical music of Dhrupad. I have a Bachelors & Masters Degree in Philosophy from University of Delhi, and a Post Graduate Degree in Journalism & Mass Communication. I have recently completed an immersive postgraduate Certificate Course in Indian Aesthetics, an intense deep dive into the 3000 year old history of Indian art and aesthetics.


I dedicate all my energies to art and music. My art stands on the foundations of an ancient classical aesthetic that has come to my understanding as a result of an amalgamation of the exposure to these classical arts and the many years of philosophical study. The subject of my art is an ancient civilization psyche. Inadvertently, traditional philosophical concepts like duality, trinity, knowledge and metaphysics too, find their way into my artistic expression. Through my art I travel, and transport to a distant land, far removed in history and in time, that made up all my childhood stories. And then I look at them like a child, breaking them apart, and then reconstructing and reimagining the deeper ideas and processes. The ancient Indian art and aesthetics continue to haunt me and invite me to experience its erstwhile glory and splendor. Especially, its magical realms, where the human and divine are continuously crossing into each other’s dimensions easily through porous boundaries.




Shilpa is an illustrator, visual artist and graphic designer with over12 years of experience in the professional graphics and design industry. Her body of work centers around conceptual artistic visuals, vibrant expression and detailing in illustrations. Along with a large portfolio of published artwork, Shilpa’s art & designs have been exhibited in prestigious locations across India including The India International Centre, India Habitat Centre, Bikaner House, Ashoka University, New Delhi. It is her belief that art can rescue a lot that is at stake today because it can impact the mind and the way people look at and understand nature. Art allows us the scope to question our beliefs, and opens a window for fresh ideas to stream in, she feels. Her design portfolio covers projects across the following disciplines - Art Direction & Design, Art Curation and Exhibition Design, Print Media - Design Layout and Printing, Branding & Events Art & Design Direction, Website & Social Media Art Direction & Creatives, and the likes. Shilpa is now a full time fine artist and is pursuing her dream of making a book on her series Water's Myth.  


Born and brought up in New Delhi India, Shilpa is currently based out of Manila, Philippines. Shilpa is a practicing and performing Dhrupad Vocalist. 

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