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Abstract Watercolor

Finding myself in abstracts currently, I always felt it to be a reclusive form of visual expression. Not easily done, watercolors are unforgiving and do not allow for corrections, and also have their own way of fining shape and forms on paper. An amalgamation of my musical and artistic practice these abstract pieces have found a way from the deepest corners of my artistic soul. For any enquiries on these artworks email me at

untitled - 7

The Divine presence in the Darkness

Untitled - 8

inspired by Basant - of Spring and Color

Untitled - 9
Untitled -1

Puriya Dhanashri - of dusk, the day waithdrawing into its sacred dark spaces; of evenings, waiting, longing, and homecoming. And if not then the longing heart pleading and beating in the hope for someone to return home.

Untitled - 2

Milan ki malhaar - "The shifting materialities of the monsoon: dust entangled with wetness, dense clouds that give no rain, bursts accompanied by silence, and toxicity

Untitled - 3

Megh Malhaar - the descent of the blue, in nature and innocence, and wrath

Untitled - 4

Malkaus - unnerving ethereal beauty yet the feeling of longing, desire and stepping into a dark, intriguing and out-of-ordinary space.

artwork details
Untitled - 5

जोगिया जोग गावे। ध्यावे स्वर श्रुति नाद॥ watercolors inspired by Raag Jog

close up section of an artwork
untitled - 6

“Nama Shivayai cha namashivaya” watercolor artwork inspiration - ardhanararīshwara stotram by Ādi Shankarācharya

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