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My late parents fought bravely with two formidable and debilitating diseases - Colorectal Cancer & ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). But while they fought they got immense support and care from two support groups - Ostomates India (Bangalore) and ALS Support Group (Mumbai). We continue be eternally grateful to these support groups and my sincere hope is to be able to give back to them, through my humble effort, in any way that I can, so that more people like my parents can receive their handholding and benefit from their experience, in order to live and die with grace and dignity. Therefore, every time I make a sale, whether it is original art, prints or products, I pledge to send forward a portion of the proceeds to them in cash or kind. 

Both these organizations are made up of volunteers who have either themselves undergone the treatments, surgeries and therefore faced the resulting trauma and struggles and have decided to help others overcome the same; or immediate family members of those who are suffering or have passed from the disease, who have now decided to help others and their respective family members with handholding, support, counselling, problem-solving and donations of kind. We continue to believe that the presence of these support groups had a remarkable impact on how my parents dealt with their respective conditions. We consider it their good luck to have received the support and care of these remarkable and brave people serving humanity.  

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